Our company has developed a new half-automated technology of vacuum forming and produces the machinery for 3D printed & thermoformed plastic sheets’ vacuum forming.  The unique technology allows producing the products in small runs with minimal primary costs and accurate printing quality of ready 3D products. We control the whole process of vacuum forming technology: from machinery production, 3D modeling and mold preparation to a ready 3D product obtaining. UZLEX Vacuum Forming Machinery is 100% fully developed and produced in Latvia, Riga.



    We produce various three-dimensional promotional items, such as signs, stands, posters, cash trays, light constructions with volume allocation of the product, displays, holders. Each advertising product is developed taking into account the individual characteristics of product type and has a high accuracy of the image and volume. The maximum available format of POS products is A0 (1200 x 800mm). In production are used materials such as PVC, PET, polystyrene, ABS with thickness from 0.2 mm to 5 mm with the possibility of forming depth up to 200 mm.



    The method of thermoforming most commonly used in production of vehicle parts, vehicle body and various parts of equipment of any complexity according to the individual customers’ needs. Most often used materials - ABS, polystyrene, PET. The thickness of the material is from 1 to 5 mm. The parts can be manufactured with preprinting and its precise placement on the three-dimension model of the product.



    We produce industrial packaging for industrial and technical needs - various pallets, trays, transport containers for parts, blister, correx, individual packaging for complicated products, printed or not. The minimum production run is 100 pcs. In production are used materials, such as PVC, PET, polystyrene, ABS. The most common thickness for the packaging is 1-5 mm with the possibility of forming depth up to 200 mm.



    Three-dimensional wobblers for points of sales are manufactured using vacuum forming technology. We carry out the entire production cycle of 3D products - starting from creation of 3D wobbler model and ending with a production of the finished product. There is also the possibility of manufacturing small runs. To get high image detailing, our production uses a special PVC material with thickness from 0.2 to 0.5 mm.



    We are able to produce 3D raised relief maps of any region of world, using both cartographic data of companies and customers, combining them with "DEM" terrain data from satellites. We offer the development and production of maps in formats from 10cm x 6cm up to 1,189m x 841m (A0), magnets, postcards, table and wall maps.

    Where 3D raised relief maps can be applied:

    - educational maps for schools, universities;

    - regional maps for state institutions and regions;
    - special maps for tourist places;
    - maps for military purposes;
    - souvenirs and gift cards.



    One of the cycles of production with 3D relief is the production of molds for vacuum forming of plastics. For manufacturing most frequently used a special model plastic, which characteristics are well suited for both the production of molds and the vacuum forming process. The maximum size of the form is 800 x 1200mm. Such materials as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and aluminum can also be used.



    We produce a thermo-vacuum forming machine. The standard size is A3 format with a possible frameset for A4, there is also possibility of individual designed equipment of any size up to A0 format on request. Advantages of UZLEX equipment: all modes are set automatically, quick adjustment to another thickness, type and size of material. Ease of operation with equipment provides an opportunity to apply vacuum forming machine in any company without special training.


We are real manufacturers of 100% cycle on thermoforming. The best way to contact us on any matter is to write a letter to Describe in free form your interests and wishes and we will do our best to answer your questions in a very short time.

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Implementation timeframe:

We have all the equipment in our production and we can provide you with services in a short time. Our technological park of equipment and technologies includes:

- Research and development Department;
- CNC machinery;
- Converting center;
- Slitting machinery;
- Printing house – UV, offset, silkscreen;
- Vacuum Forming machinery;
- All technical types of materials cutting.

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