We have prepared for you simple answers to simple questions. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will always try to help you!



It is easy to order! How can you do it?
You can buy online, call our branches or buy in-store at our branches in Riga, Vilnius.

Who is our client and who do we sell to?
Our customers are designers, advertisers, printing companies, shops, schools, wrapping garages. Both can buy from our store: a private person and a company. Everyone is welcome to visit us!

What is the last time of placing the order if I want a next-day delivery to Baltic States?
If you have placed your order before our last order time (12:00 Monday-Friday), we will ensure that your order will be dispatched by our forwarder the same day and will be taken in accordance with calculated time. You can find more information in the section “Delivery”.

Our prices
All prices on our website exclude VAT. The full information about prices, delivery and its terms you can find in the section “Delivery”.

Discount system
The more you order, the more discount you get! There is always a discount for one series of product. If the order is big, we can offer additional discount separately on your order. We are open to dialogue – you are welcome!

Order payment
We accept payment cards, indicated on our website. We can also provide a separate payment – just send us a special order in accordance with the format, specified on our website. Also you can pay with cash at our branches.

Request on non-standard order amount
Do not hesitate to call our operators of non-standard orders both small and big. We will try to implement your request and provide a good solution. You can get in touch with us: info@abcfoil.com.

Another size, length, amount
We have all the necessary equipment for cutting, converting and other works. We can prepare for you an individual size after accepting the request. You can get in touch with us: info@abcfoil.com.

Fraud Checks
We check the specified number of the taxpayer as well as specified data. If we are not satisfied with the authencity of an order we will not dispatch it and refund the payment. All orders detected as fraud can be sent to the police and included in the black list of our internal system.

Our Stocks
We maintain large stocks of goods in our warehouses. We can make next-day delivery for most products. We will inform you about delivery date possibilities if the goods, which were ordered by you, are out of stock. If you are not satisfied with the delivery offers – you can cancel the order.

Tracking information
When your order is picked and dispatched, you will be informed about tracking number and selected courier.



How can I get my order?
We provide delivery all over the Europe. The full list of countries you can find in the section “Delivery”.

Delivery to not European countries
We can and we know how to deliver goods to not European countries. Our agents work in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (we have our branches there). We will always help you with customs formalities and will try to solve the delivery questions. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have an experience in these matters.

Order is delayed in transit or lost
We will inform you to your request about delivery status and possible issue solutions. Our goal is to help you. If goods are lost or damaged, we will send out a new item with no additional carriage charge as soon as the request will be accepted. Anything can happen – we should always search for a possibility to solve the problem.



If it is necessary to return goods to us, we try to make this as straightforward as possible.

If you have made a mistake or changed your mind
If you have made a mistake and decided to return items, then we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of 20% subject to compliance with EU distance selling regulations for consumer purchases. The returned item should be in correct package and perfect condition. If any item is damaged it will not be accepted for return.

If we have made a mistake
If we have made an error in your order, we will send out the correct item to you with no additional carriage charge.

About damaged goods
We always try to check all items before sending them to you. If damage happens – we will try to help you as soon as possible and will send out the correct item to you with no additional carriage charge.

If there are missing any items in your order, please, contact us within 48 hours of delivery and inform us about it. When calling us, please, have the invoice number and inform us about damaged items. We will send out a new item with no additional carriage charge.

If we are not notified within 7 days of a picking error or damaged item, we cannot replace missing items.



Owner of the goods
All goods remain the property of our company until payment has been made in full.

Customer comments
We welcome comments from existing, new or potential customers. If we have done a good job or you feel we could have done something better, please, let us know. We welcome all comments about our website and products. You can call us on +37127800830 our email us on info@abcfoil.com. We will reply to all your comments.

All the information that we have gathered from you, will be kept to compliance with EU distance selling regulations for consumer purchases.

How do we solve the issues
Unexpected can always happen – we can make a mistake, our courier may delay delivery, the package can be wet. Life is life. We will always try to help rectify the situation. You can also help us – tell us about our mistakes, courier’s mistakes, and material’s quality. We can together do our best to solve the problem! Do not scold us – we will always try to do our best!

Compensation and liability
If an order is delayed in transit for any reason, then our liability is limited only to the refund of paid cost. We do not pay compensation for any consequential loss under any circumstances.

Who we are

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Office Phone: +371 67800826

E-mail: info@abcfoil.com

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