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The programme «Heat transfer and sublimation technologies and its application»

We provide learning programs about heat transfer technologies, equipment and heat transfer materials, share the experience and knowledge about sublimation transfer, digital printing, domed labels and its application in heat transfer processes. These skills will always be useful for advertising agencies, internet projects, printing and copy shops, souvenir shops, photo studios, cloth manufacturers and different clubs. Each of you will get the necessary knowledge to implement advertising and corporate ideas, as well as increase the productivity of your business.


The purpose of the programme:

To teach how to organize the production of inscriptions and full-color images transfer on textiles (corporate, sports clothes, etc.), as well as system of individualized souvenir production. 


Program content:

Topic 1. General concepts of heat transfer technologies. Program’s review lecture. Financial benefits of technologies.

Topic 2. Heat transfer technology’s equipment. Heat transfer presses.

Topic 3. Printing equipment. Sublimation printers. Full-color images production for further heat-transfer use.

Topic 4. Heat transfer materials for cutting single-color inscriptions with Roland cutter.

Topic 5. Eco-solvent printing technology combination. The materials used in eco-solvent printing technology.

Topic 6. Printing on laser, sublimation printer, as well as printing with water-based inks. The materials used and the instruction of their use.

Topic 7. Materials used in heat transfer technologies. Textiles and souvenirs.

Topic 8. The rhinestones use in heat transfer technologies. Materials and equipment.

Topic 9. Domed labels. The technology of it’s production and it’s application on clothes.  

Topic 10. The final lecture. The financial benefits of technologies. Related technologies.


At the end of the program you will learn how to organize your own production of full-color image transfer on textiles – corporate, sports or fashion clothes, as well as gain the knowledge and skills for producing personalized souvenirs. For more information, please, contact our customer service center.